NfAH on Chicago Newsroom with Ken Davis

In one of NfAH's most wide-ranging discussions to date, Sarah Gronkiewicz-Doran and Nick Kryczka, discuss the effort to build an affordable-housing complex at 5150 N. Northwest Highway, for which Mayor Emanuel recently denied tax credits. They also talk about an affordable housing ordinance that passed City Council which mandates that at least 10% of all new multi-unit housing developments built in two pilot areas contain a minimum of 10% “affordable” units. Critics, however, maintain that “affordable”rents in such buildings would be nearly a thousand dollars a month for a one-bedroom, which is out of reach for lower-income people and that the units are too small for a family. This program w

October 11 Statement Delivered to Mayor Emanuel & Chicago City Council - "Today is not a pr

My name is Andrea Mitchell, and I'm speaking on behalf of Neighbors for Affordable Housing in Jefferson Park. I'm not an activist or a paid protester - I'm a Jefferson Park homeowner, a mother of children in a CPS school, and a registered voter. I'm representing the forty plus community members and friends in chambers today, and hundreds more who recognize the incredible need for affordable housing in Chicago. Our group came together in February to support the proposed development at 5150 N Northwest Highway. In the face of well-documented, ugly opposition, we grew from a handful of determined neighbors, to a force that packed the zoning chambers on May 22. Today, we will reach more than 250

For Immediate Release: NfAH Releases Campaign Video, Launches Recruitment Drive, Responds to City&#

For Immediate Release: October 11th, 2017 Neighbors for Affordable Housing in Jefferson Park Releases Campaign Video, Launches Recruitment Drive, After City Funding Announcement Just days after the Mayor’s Administration announced that the City will not be funding the controversial Jefferson Park affordable housing effort, Neighbors for Affordable Housing in Jefferson Park releases a campaign video aiming to draw hundreds more into the fight for affordable housing on the Northwest Side. WHEN: Wednesday, October 11th 10:10 a.m. Public Statement and Community Pledge of Support 1:00 p.m. Release of Campaign Video WHERE: Chicago City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle, 2n

NfAH Release New Video

Our new video tells the story of a group that formed as the answer to local prejudice but became a movement of neighbors, the real Northwest Side, to make our community more inclusive. This video is not just a story. It is a call to action. Join us!

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