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​WHEN: Monday March 27th from 12:30 am to 2:30 pm

WHERE: City Hall, 121 N LaSalle Dr, 2nd floor, Council Chambers​

Why are we talking about a storage facility, of all things?! The plain answer is that it is not really about a storage facility.

Those who oppose affordable housing at the 5150 site would rather preserve the ugly, antiquated commercial space that is currently standing if that means keeping low income veterans, people with disabilities, and low wage working families out.   We'd rather see a shiny new mixed-income, mixed-use building with open space, trees, and a playground be what welcomes us and visitors to our dining, arts, and transit district. 

We need you to personally show up and support this plan because, one way or another, we were going to get a storage facility. At least with this proposal preserves half of the site for future mixed use development - like brand new accessible housing and retail! This is a much higher and better use for the parcel than simply retrofitting the existing eyesore of a building. If this plan gets scuttled, our community is held back and 80 households who need safe, accessible, affordable homes will not be assisted.

​Ideally, we'd like you to testify which can be as little as a 60-second statement and as much as a 3-minute testimony. It is more casual than you picture and we will provide you with easy talking points if you would find that helpful.

Please fill out this form and commit to coming out. If you work in the downtown area and can only come by for a short period, please note that in the comments. That way, we can actually text or email you to let you know when the most opportune time in the agenda is coming and hope to get you in, testified, and back to work quickly. ​

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