Right to Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis has only made a pre-existing housing crisis more severe. Sign via the button below to help provide real relief for our struggling neighbors. Tell your local lawmakers that desperately-needed housing assistance is a necessity in an economic crisis, and a priority for you.


halt cook county evictions

Although Governor Pritzker's emergency order halts both the filing and execution of evictions in Illinois, evictions are still being filed in Cook County. Use the form below to ask Chief Judge Timothy Evans, First Municipal District Presiding Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. and Court Clerk Dorothy Brown to comply with the governor’s order and halt eviction filings.


While city residents have orders to shelter in place, neighbors experiencing homelessness do not have this option. Join the Chicago Housing Initiative in calling on Mayor Lightfoot to use 2,000 currently-vacant CHA units to house thousands of our neighbors.

rent & mortgage freeze

With unemployment reaching levels unseen since the Great Depression, a wave of evictions and foreclosures threatens to drive our neighbors from their homes in the very near future. Use the form below to ask your representatives to freeze or cancel housing costs, and ban evictions while the crisis continues.

Neighbors for Affordable Housing   Every home a changed life.
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