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latest updates: Great news! In a historic rebuke of aldermanic prerogative as a tool of segregation, the City Council approved 59 new affordable units in the 41st Ward, over local Ald. Napolitano's objections. Thanks to all who advocated! Read coverage here and here.

Who We Are: Neighbors for Affordable Housing on the Northwest Side is a group of independent neighbors and organizations committed to making our communities more affordable, accessible, inclusive, vibrant, compassionate and equitable. We recognize the historical and systemic racism embedded in our city’s housing markets and political structures. We are committed to pursuing this work through an antiracist lens with accountability to those most impacted by inequality and exploitation in housing.

Join us in working to build an inclusive community for all of our neighbors. Get involved TODAY!


The Latest News & Press Releases from NfAH

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Neighbors for Affordable Housing   Every home a changed life.
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