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CDC Eviction Moratorium and Chicago Tenants Movement Hotline Goes Live

New Federal Eviction Moratorium: Get Protected Today!

  • Just this week, the Centers for Disease Control announced a nationwide ban on evictions until the end of December.  Anyone earning less than $99,000 annual income (or households earning $198,000 for joint returns) and claiming loss of income or hardship due to COVID-19 is protected.  To take advantage of this new protection, you MUST fill out the CDC declaration form and send a copy to your landlord. Keep a copy for yourself, and proof of sending. Once signed and sent, the declaration protects you in your home. Be aware, this order does NOT forgive debts, does NOT block fees, and does NOT prevent eviction for other reasons than nonpayment.

Chicago Tenants Movement Goes Live: Hotline Available for Tenants Looking to Organize!

  • Neighbors for Affordable Housing is part of the Chicago Tenants Movement (CTM), a collaborative network of tenant organizations and housing organizers from across the city-- united in the struggle to keep our neighbors in their homes and build tenant power and solidarity for the long haul.

  • The CTM has a new hotline available, with volunteers standing by to connect renters to legal resources and organizing support right away. Call 1-773-657-8700 to get help today.

  • Informational flyers in English, Spanish, Arabic and Polish here:


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