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Group Opposing Affordable, Accessible Housing Development Hold Press Conference that Ends with Annou

Shouts of "go back to where you came from! Go back to your neighborhood, this isn't it!" And online taunts - "curioisty is not stalking... do you still practice Hassidic Judaism?" from board members of opposition neighborhood groups had become par for the course for a Jewish NfAH supporter. The signs about Holocaust survivor George Soros being behind the affordable housing proposal were there from day-one. And then there was this. After a press conference intended to demonstrate that opposition had not been based on prejudice, a member of that opposition told the assembled press that paid advocates had been "hired by the Jewish community." This is what members of the opposition group are being told by those fomenting hate and intolerance, so this is what they repeat. This specific tactic with regard to open and integrated housing efforts is nothing new . After viewing the videeo below, see video#2 here.

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